What is Open Ears?

Open Ears is a hearing loop audio system which feeds into hearing aids with one button press. The cashier stands behind a microphone and the hearing aid pics up the voice through the microphone and into the ear. Open Ears makes it so that in loud settings, it isn't as difficult to hear anymore. Something that amplifies the person's voice even a little bit makes the biggest difference. Look for this logo in a place near YOU!

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Our Locations in Sheboygan

Look for our logo in these places near you!

Calvary Evang. Lutheran Church
Calvin Christian Reformed Church
Christ Community Church
Fountain Park United Methodist Church
Grace Episcopal Church Sanctuary and Parish Hall
Holy Name Catholic Church of Sheboygan
St Peter Lutheran Church
First Congregational Church
First United Lutheran
Netherlands Reformed Congregation
Zion Covenant Church of Sheboygan
Sheboygan Health and Human Services
Welsch Hearing Aid Company
Medical Hearing Associates Waiting Room
Sheboygan Senior Community
Lutheran High School
Mead Public Library